Science and technology have proven highly beneficial to all. The supermarkets and pharmacies are flooded with dietary supplements of various kinds. People pick what is best suited to their needs and prescribed by the doctor. These supplements are available in multiple forms, such as capsules, tablets, powder to be incorporated into milk and water, and gummies for children. Our hectic routine life hinders our eating habits, making it necessary to consume supplements. The most recommended is vitamin C supplements as they combat various diseases and make us stronger. But the bigger question is, are these supplements safe to consume? Please scroll through the article to find out more about it.

What Are Supplements?

 Food supplements are commonly known as dietary supplements. Numerous companies manufacture them under different brand names. The sole purpose is to provide nutrients extracted from various food sources. These nutritional supplements may not save a life but are known to increase the life span. The marketing leaves a great impression on psychology and is why Vitamin C Supplements are widely sold in all corners of the world. All manufacturing companies make sure that they maintain the standard and all supplements are safe and properly labeled. Vitamin C supplements might contain herbal extracts, amino acids, and other substances and must be FDA approved.

 Importance Of Supplements:

Our body is greatly affected by pollution of air, sea, and water. These pollutants weaken our body and hence makes us prone to diseases. It makes it vital to include vitamins and minerals in your daily life. It helps the body to develop and function properly. Although many people eat healthily, others need an extra boost. It is where supplements come in because one needs to stay healthy to be active and running.

Who Should Take Supplements?

Artificial supplements will never prevent death or chronic illness, but still, many people can highly benefit from them. It will slow down the process of infection and fatal diseases, giving time to recover and beat the conditions. Each year, people spend an ample amount of money on supplements, processed food, and junk meals are becoming a part of their daily lifestyle. Still, many people opt for vitamin C supplements, and other minerals deemed vital to stay healthy.

The most common supplement is folic acid, which is highly essential for pregnant women. It is t be consumed daily along with vitamin tablets because unborn babies need an extra boost to survive.

Many people became vegan and chose to eat vegetables and fruits only. But the proteins and vitamins which come from meat and dairy product are essential, and the deficiency can be decreased by taking supplements.

Many people have low vitamin D, which is essential to build bones and calcium for other uses in the body. With that, vitamin supplements, among other necessities, are orally taken to balance the level in the body.

Risk Of Additional Supplements:

Food supplements are beneficial for health. But consuming in a large amount has risks adhered to it. All accessories have various ingredients in them, which can be harmful to health. For instance, a pack of multivitamins has a wide variety of vitamins, and a body might be allergic to one or another agent. Whereas, in some cases, many diseases or illnesses have a profound effect on supplement intake and can complicate the situation. Many actions can prove fatal or result in severe complications if not controlled or diagnosed on time. Some of the following steps are given below.

  1. Combining supplements
  2. Supplements with other medications
  3. Consumption of supplements in a high amount without consulting the health care provider will give negative results.
  4. Unwanted switching supplements can prove harmful.

Who Should Avoid Supplements?

Drug addicts are sure to stay away from it, as it would be harmful to take supplements without proper consultation. Furthermore, patients who have a history of heart attacks should avoid supplements. With that, the doctors can only tell which supplement is better for an individual.

Side Effects Of Supplements:

Many dietary supplements have serious side effects. Manufacturers may add extra ingredients to boost the quality and give fast results. Although, it will come with side effects, such as headaches, congenital disabilities, severe bone defects, and liver damage. Furthermore, nausea and vomiting are pretty common as well. However, no profound side effect has been reported by consumption of vitamin C supplements.

Famous Supplements:

The survey has revealed many supplements which people widely use for various reasons. The names are given below.

  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin C
  • Magnesium
  • Fish oil
  • Multi
  • vitamin
  • B complex
  • Prebiotic
  • zinc


Food supplements are manufactured to promo health and support the body. Following a good diet plan, including accessories, will be highly beneficial and provide a good life.  The most common is vitamin C supplements which children consume to adults. Though there is no proof of any severe side effects, it is wise to consult the doctor and start supplements. We encourage you to consider your overall health if you suffer from any irreversible side effects.