Why Should You Schedule a Medical Screening Every Year?

Men are notorious for avoiding the doctor’s office for their routine check-ups. Most men wait until they are injured or experience a significant health problem before visiting a healthcare facility. However, a regular check-up can help detect and prevent common ailments.

The Frequency of Medical Screenings Depends on Age

The general recommendation from health professionals is for men below the age of 50 to get a check-up every two to three years. Once you turn 50, most professionals recommend that you get an annual check-up. However, if you have existing medical issues or a family history of medical problems, annual check-ups are recommended at any age.

Examples of conditions that may require more frequent check-ups include high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Genetics may increase your risk of some of these conditions.

Regular screening may detect the presence of one of these issues early, allowing you to seek early treatment. This may help boost the chances of a successful recovery or treatment plan.

Medical Check-ups Provide a Complete Look at Your Health

A medical check-up for men will include a series of laboratory tests and a complete medical assessment. The assessment includes a screening questionnaire, a medical history screening, and a detailed consultation and examination.

During your exam, you will get weighed and measured. You will also learn your body mass index. These details may be important if you are trying to lose weight or get in better shape.

Besides the examination, your check-up will include various laboratory tests. The variety of tests will provide more information on the health and condition of your bones, joints, liver, and cardiovascular system. You will also complete tests to detect hepatitis, renal issues, and the presence of diabetes.

Receive Professional Health and Lifestyle Counselling

After the results of your tests are available, your doctor will offer professional counselling to help you take control of your health. The advice that you receive may help lower your risk of various conditions, especially if the tests reveal that you are at a higher risk of developing a specific health problem.

The recommendations that you receive are specific to your health. This is advice that you cannot find online or in a book.

Medical Screenings Are Affordable and Comprehensive

There is no excuse for avoiding an annual medical screening. These screenings are affordable, especially considering the range of tests and assessments completed during the check-up.

If you cannot remember the last time that you had a health screening, you should schedule a check-up today. A complete assessment will help uncover whether you need to make any changes to your lifestyle and habits. These check-ups should not be avoided. An annual check-up may be the key to your longevity.