What to expect during a medical examination after a personal injury?

When you get injured due to personal injury, you visit a doctor for treatment. Medical treatment is important for your well-being, but it is also essential to maintain the records for compensation. In this blog, you will learn what to expect when you visit the Wisconsin personal injury doctor.

Why should you get a medical examination?

The medical examination is one of the most significant stages in your claim process. During the examination, the doctor records your injuries, recommends a treatment plan including any special therapy such as physiotherapy, informs about any future medical needs, and provides any medical evidence required for compensation. 

What happens in the medical examination?

During the medical examination, the doctor will ask several questions and examine the body. Following are some of the things that a doctor checks-

Nature of pain

The doctor asks you about the intensity, location, and duration of pain. He will inquire about how the injuries affected your day-to-day activities. Be honest while explaining this, and do not hide away any pain as every word you utter matters for the medical record. 

Past medical history

The doctor asks you about any relevant medical history. If you got injured previously at the same site, make sure that you disclose because if you hide facts, the insurance company may consider your case false as they will find out the truth somehow.


The doctor then examines body parts and advises radiological examination if he suspects any fracture or internal damage.

You must cooperate with your doctor so that he can provide the best possible treatment. Moreover, let him do the documentation because that is what will bring compensation.

Is there a need for more than one appointment?

The number of required appointments depends on the intensity of the injury. You might need more than one appointment if the injury is more. So the doctor will advise you accordingly. Ensure that you are regular with your appointments because that gets reflected in your medical records if you miss any appointments. The insurance company assumes that your injury is not too severe as you claimed it to be. Hence they might pay you less compensation. 


Cooperate with your doctor throughout the process and get a copy of each medical report so that your case becomes strong and you can claim appropriate compensation.