What Do You Know About Meth Mites? What Are the Causes for The Same?

Meth also called methamphetamine is that highly addictive drug that affects the person badly. The consequences of using it can be so bad that it can affect both the brain and the central nervous system. Initially, it was made for medical purpose, but people started using it for their high desire. So, you will still find it prescribed by the doctors in many cases, but you may also get it on the streets as it can be sold illegally.

Prolonged usage of this meth drug can lead to many undesirable side effects like increased heart rate, decreased appetite, insomnia, and many more. Apart from this, it may also make some changes in the physical appearance called meth mites. If you are uncomfortable and are seeing some dangerous symptoms then you need to take immediate action. Detox to Rehab is one progressive and supportive community that has helped many such drug addicts to get into sobriety. They can help you deal with any such obstacles and succeed in overcoming the addiction problems.

What Is A Meth Mite?

Meth mites are also called meth bugs, ice mites, or crank bugs. These are the imaginary bugs that these meth users feel that is present on their skin while they are consuming the drugs. It is a kind of hallucination that is formed by the sense of touch or by sight. In such situations, the users will keep itching or scratching to get them relieved from these mites.

What Are The Causes?

As explained earlier, this is a kind of hallucination that many meth users have and is formally called formication. One reason for this hallucination is excessive sweating which happens due to an increase in body temperature. Another reason is sleep deprivation which may lead to hallucinations. Also, if the person is a drug addict, then he may also suffer from malnutrition where lack of nutrition will make the skin to dry out.