Use Fenugreek Seeds for Treatment of Various Ailments

This one is a member of the bean family and grows upright in slender stems. The name of the plant is Fenugreek, and it bears three toothed leaves and some pale yellow flowers. The flowers bear sword-shaped seed pods that contain around 20 small, brown seeds. These seeds are dried to form the spice for meals. The plant loves lots of sunlight and well-drained soil. The odor of the seeds is spicy, and you can smell it hours after you have crushed the seeds in your hands. Since there are medicinal properties in this plant, many calls it a herb and the seeds are crushed to provide a smell to Indian curry.

Qualities of fenugreek seeds

The seeds can treat inflammation of cells and other connective tissues. It also treats boils and even tuberculosis. The plant’s seeds are used for oral insulin, and the extracts of the seeds are used to lower blood pressure in humans. The seeds are rich in vegetable proteins, but the plant is also used as animal forage. You may want to know where to buy fenugreek seeds that are rich is its medicinal value for a person with diabetes. These will be found in the Indian market and also in Iranian shops for spices. You will get the dried seeds, and you can use them for different ailments.

Dose for ailments

The seeds are good for human health and contain 35 calories in it. You will find a tablespoon of this seeds contain fibers of around 3 grams, a protein of around the same quantity and carb of about 6 gm. You will get iron, magnesium, and manganese in the seed too. The seed extracts are used to relieve issues like lipid disorders, Parkinson disease, and diabetes. The dose of this seed extract can take care of these ailments. You can use 300mg of the seed twice each day for treating Parkinson disease. It also helps in curing type2 diabetes. The dose is 5g per day for six months. If you are using the extract, then 1g each day is the right dose.

Lactating mothers and women with menstrual pain

This Fenugreek has got various other benefits and treats other ailments too. This one is prescribed for mothers who are breastfeeding. The capsules of fenugreek extract are useful for increasing the amount of milk that is produced for the baby. The milk also becomes rich in magnesium and vitamins. These seeds also work to ease the menstruation pain and relieve different symptoms of it. It opens the menses and provides relief to the person facing such issues.

Consuming seeds easily

You will have to dry roast the seeds on medium heat while stirring it frequently. You can then prepare a powder of these dry roasted seeds as they will become easy to grind. Add the powder to salads or curry. You can also soak the seeds overnight in regular water. Drink this water in an empty stomach, and you will find the glucose level lowers. It also helps in ailments of digestion. Sprouts of fenugreek seeds will taste good in salads. The seeds can be added to boiling water, and tea prepared thus. You can add some lemon and honey to it and use it for treating fever. Once you know where to buy fenugreek seeds, it will be easy for you to procure. Make sure you take these preparations when you are not taking some other medications for any severe ailments.