Understanding The Best Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins!

For the uninitiated, varicose veins are swollen and enlarged blood vessels, which appear to be blueish or purple on the surface. Unless a person feels pain, varicose veins are considered as a cosmetic concern, and you will mostly find these blue veins around the feet and legs. In this post, we will discuss the best treatments to enlever les varices.

  • Simple tips. Many women stick to the idea if wearing stockings to hide varicose veins. If you are obese, lifestyle changes can help to some extent. Keep in mind that anyone can get such blue veins, and it’s nothing abnormal.

  • This is a treatment that has been around for decades. The treatment can be completed as outpatient procedure. For this, highly concentrated saline solution is injected in the concerned area or vein, which allows the vein to disappear with time. This can take somewhere around a few weeks, three at the minimum. There are some concerns with the effectiveness of Sclerotherapy for fine varicose veins, and most patients have also complained about bites and bruises, besides obvious pain.

  • Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser. While there are other treatments, we will today discuss Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser in detail. This is one of the latest and most promising treatments available, for which PDL laser (pulse dye laser) is used in the same pulse with laser Nd: Yag. The treatment can be a bit painful, but there is no bruising, and this is extremely effective for treatment of “fine telangiectasia”. For certain veins, this is a great alternative to sclerosing injections. During the treatment, varicose veins absorb the laser, which causes the blood vessels to destroy. One session lasts for about 15 minutes, after which a second session might be needed for some patients, usually after a gap of four to six weeks.

With all that said, laser for the treatment of varicose veins may not work for everyone. Do not go by gimmicks or ads. A good clinic will understand your concerns, check the varicose veins and take a call accordingly. Some patients may need other treatments, but it all depends on the initial checkup and diagnosis. Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser is effective in most cases, and it is recommended that you check the costs in advance, because these treatments are usually not covered for insurance. Also, ask questions and discuss your pain concerns, if any, which will help in deciding on the treatment.