Things Manicurist Will Not Say but Covertly Assume You to Do It

Everyone enjoys the manicure ritual, where the nail care technician uniformly files the nails, reshaped ragged cuticles and puts on fresh shiny nail polish coat. Whole routine is straightforward and satisfying. Nail care technicians are paid to attend to your nail needs and fix issues like dreaded chips or painful hangnails. However, there are some things that you can do. Manicurists will not say it in words but secretly assume customers do it.

Exfoliate cuticles

Regularly exfoliate cuticles, especially females having dry skin. There is no need for nail care technician to do it. Just rub nails with wash cloth, when you are in the shower in circular motion. Moist environment in shower softens cuticles making it easy to clean and remove dead skin.

Wash hands twice

When you visit Strom Spa Sherbrooke make sure to wash your hands a couple of time because there is an odor, when nails are done. You don’t desire to smell of onions, you enjoyed at lunch-time. Similarly, if you have very sweaty hands then wash your hands thoroughly.

Keep hands relaxed

Nail clients with stiff hands make it difficult for the manicurist to work on. All the nail angles and area need to be reached and with stiff hands the ability of technician gets hindered, so ensure to unclench hands during a manicure.

Avoid hand soaking

Soaking hands in a bowl of warm water can make you feel nice before the manicure but it causes nail to soften and bloat. After manicure, nails ultimately shrink down causing polish to get compromised. Therefore, remember dry manicure lasts longer.

Never clip nails prior manicure

You may clip nails unevenly or too short. This can cause infection and pain. It is also unsightly. Remember, it is the manicurist’s job to trim as well as shape your nails, so allow them to do it. You just need to ensure that nails are kept healthy.

Apply ointment

Apply OTC skin cream or ointment on your cuticles. It helps to keep skin moist and soft. In addition, your manicure also lasts longer.

Avoid unrealistic expectations

On Instagram, you may have seen pictures of fancy nail art. These are done with special techniques, tools, and products. If you wish this then make a request several hours in advance, so that they can be prepared.

Choose right polish shades

People feel surprised, when a color chosen does not match their skin tone. Other thing to remember is that a style and color that looked best for your friend will not appear same on your hands.

Be open to ideas and consider nail hygiene ALWAYS!