Mistakes to Avoid in the First Time Sex

Sex can be intimidating, particularly when it’s your first time. To ace first-time sex, you don’t need a Ph.D. in Pornology or a big schlong. It is all about being aware of your partner’s (and your own) needs and going with the flow.

If you’re having pre-sex jitters that won’t go away, this mini-guide on sex education for adults will help you avoid making embarrassing mistakes when getting the action for the first time!

  • Rushing Right Into Sex

We’ve been socialized to believe that sexual beauty makes you more manly and that virgins are weaker, or losers.

Rushing things when you aren’t ready can have dangerous consequences, such as STDs, pregnancy scares, and even sexual injuries.

Sex is a lovely, rewarding expression of affection, so it’s well worth the wait till you’re ready and with the right person.

  • Not Recognizing Consent

Understanding the mechanics of sexual consent is much more important than understanding the physical mechanics of sex.

You must both give your permission before engaging in some form of sexual contact, including digital penetration, oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse, be it your first or billionth time. Sexual contact without permission is morally repugnant, regardless of the ages of the persons concerned.

  • Not Putting Your Partner At Ease

It’s never okay to put pressure on anyone for sex. Rather than diving right into the act, make your partner feel at ease. Spend 15 minutes making out, giving massages, and taking a bath together. Enjoy becoming physically active without the burden of sex.

  • Faking It

When it comes to sex, faking it isn’t the best form of flattery. It can be difficult to achieve orgasms, and that’s okay. Focusing on the overall aspect of first-time sex will help you love it more while still making you mindful of what works for you and what doesn’t.

  • Not Comprehending Your Partner’s Wants And Needs

Even if you have a huge porn library, it’s hard to know your partner’s tastes right away.

Talking with your partner beforehand, as well as communicating your needs and fears, will help you have a very pleasurable first-time sex experience.

  • Not Understanding Your Own Body

Being in touch with your bodies beforehand will help you get a better sex experience even the first time. Understand the anatomies of the sexual organs (for example, where your clit is), understand the appropriate amount of touch for you, calculate your fertile time, and be in sync with your partner’s erogenous zones.

  • Not Taking Precautions

Condoms aren’t fun, but they’re essential. Using a condom will help you prevent unwanted complications such as unintended pregnancies and STDs.

You don’t know how to wear one because you haven’t sex-ed? There are several videos on sex education for adults that will teach you about all of your precaution choices and how to use them correctly.

Halting these sex sins will make you happy in or out of the bedroom, whether you’re with a new girlfriend or simply getting it on for the first time.