Low testosterone level: causes and natural remedies

Everyone knows that testosterone is one of the fundamental hormones for humans. The level of testosterone determines various secondary characters in humans, such as beard, tone of voice, hairiness and muscle mass. An insufficient level of this hormone (also called hypogonadism) can cause various problems including reduced male desire, erection problems, sperm production problems, genital development, the number of red blood cells produced, a decrease in sexual desire, sudden changes mood, aggression or even physical and muscle problems.

Having a correct level of testosterone limits the possible onset of muscle and bone diseases, in short, testosterone is essential in men to direct the body’s activities and ensure its proper functioning.

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Having low testosterone levels in the prepubescent age can also lead to serious growth problems and consequent chronic conditions. It is, therefore, an element that should not be underestimated.


The causes of low testosterone can be many, depending on the symptoms observed it will be possible to understand what is the origin of this problem that affects tens of millions of men all over the planet. Excluding cases of hypogonadism in pre-pubescent age, the main causes of low testosterone levels in men are mainly physical problems that cause a reduction in the production of this hormone but it could also be congenital problems such as cryptorchidism (when the testes are found out of office), Klinefelter syndrome or hemochromatosis (excessive amount of iron in the blood).

Physical trauma to the testicles, infections or cancer are other common causes along with indirect damage such as those caused by the use of drugs, kidneys that do not function properly, inflammation, obesity or interference caused by medicines. In some cases, the level of testosterone produced decreases with age.


How to increase testosterone? How to solve low testosterone and comprar halotestin  erection problems? The best method to replenish this hormone is to follow a testosterone replacement therapy or TRT, which involves regular intake of this hormone in order to prevent possible discomforts and pathologies related to prolonged hormonal deficiency.

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The treatment is administered by oral solution (capsules or gel), with injectable preparations, transbuccal preparations (tablets to be applied inside the mouth) or even transdermal (special patches applicable in contact with the skin that gradually releases the hormone inside of the body).


This treatment is effective in most cases but also involves several possible side effects to consider before starting treatment. Patients undergoing TRT can run into problems such as an abnormal enlargement of the prostate, an excessive increase in blood platelets.

In addition, some studies have shown a possible increase in the risk of heart attack, cardiovascular problems or stroke for those who undergo this therapy.

However, these are tests performed on patients already at risk, therefore they are not to be considered definitive. Before starting hormonal therapy, you must consult your doctor and evaluate with him the possible benefits and risks of this peculiar approach.


Since some factors such as obesity or unhealthy lifestyle tend to worsen testosterone production, a solution to return to having a regular level of this hormone is to follow a healthy diet, avoid excesses, play sports regularly, rest properly and, if necessary, use natural supplements.