Introduction to American Medical Insurance

There are four main types of medical insurance in the United States: medical insurance (also known as美国医疗保险), pharmaceutical insurance, dental insurance, and eye insurance. Most insurance also cover vaccine (also known as留学生疫苗) Each category can be purchased separately. Medical insurance is the most expensive and basically must be purchased. As for the remaining three are optional, dental insurance is useful, but short-term visitors don’t need it; glasses require eye protection, but only up to $100 for the frame and the most basic lenses. In terms of drug insurance, many prescription drugs in the United States are very expensive. Some Americans go to Canada to buy medicines through the border. Even without insurance, they are sometimes cheaper than the US.

Native Americans must have insurance because they will go bankrupt if they have a serious illness. For international students, they spend a lot of time in the United States, so they also need to choose a good health insurance. So they don’t have to panic if they get sick. Every university provides health insurance for students, but it is usually very expensive. Fortunately, you have many different options, you can find other companies to do insurance replacement for international students. Huhu Insurance (also known as虎虎保险 ) is highly recommended here, which provides a cost-saving and worry-free international student insurance replacement program for international students (also known as留学生 保险).

Even if you graduate and use OPT, OPT Health Insurance (also known as opt 保险) recommendation is still a Huhu’s opt insurance (虎虎 ). Many schools stop providing insurance after graduation, and many OPT students are unaware of this. International students who have just left the campus, losing medical insurance is a very dangerous thing. Even if your company and school no longer provide insurance for you, you can still buy your own insurance.

For foreigners who have a B visa to visit the United States, it is also necessary to purchase health insurance in the United States. When people are traveling, they may have sudden illness or accidental injuries. They need to go to the doctor in time. If a serious illness or accident occurs, it is even more necessary to treat it promptly. All of these medical expenses must be paid by the patient. If you have medical insurance, you can pay the insurance company. Medical expenses in the United States are very expensive, and serious illness or injury may even cause ordinary American families to go bankrupt.