How to Choose the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

It is a fact that the procedure of hair transplant is one of the best-sophisticated plastic and cosmetic surgeries that solves the issue of genetic baldness or Androgenic alopecia permanently. The hair loss concern is a major point of concern as it affects one’s looks and personality. The hair transplant is a challenge and needs the utmost precision and skills in order to offer the best aesthetic outcome. The issue of hair loss needs attention and the right treatment at the right time are required as it relates to one’s personality and looks. Choosing the best hair transplant surgeon needs pre-procedure planning for the part of the patient and one must have an in-depth understanding of cross-checking the surgeon’s qualifications, expertise, accreditations and experience by visiting a number of reputed portals, forums, and hair restoration societies.

First of all, it is needed to consider that the best hair transplant doctors must have the credibility of qualifications, experience, accreditations, and recognition in the hair restoration fraternity that set a surgeon apart from the rest of the surgeons. Therefore, it is needed to find those surgeons followed by in-depth research and analysis whose skills and expertise given the proof with the best results and record with a number of patients.

It is always advisable to receive surgery only from the expert hand of the surgeon that can assure you about the original outcome and makes it difficult to differentiate between the normal and transplanted hair.

In this article, we are mentioning the considerable points that are needed to be followed while choosing the best hair transplant surgeon as follows:

  1. The Qualifications of the surgeon: It is instructed that only expert plastic & cosmetic surgeons are allowed to perform the hair transplant procedure as it is a sophisticated kind of surgery requires extreme precision and skills. However, receiving the procedure from any surgeon or Doctor cannot assure you of getting the best outcomes. The performing surgeon must have MS and M Ch degree and it is required that the surgeon having expertise in the respective field of the surgery. The recognition and accreditations earned by the surgeon are counted as a positive factor while choosing the hair transplant surgeon.
  2. The Experience of the Surgeon: The experience does matter in the hair restoration surgery as it makes a surgeon able to handle the case with utmost precision and expertise. An experienced surgeon can analyse the case with respect to the available grade of baldness, the recipient area’s condition, as well as the physiological and anatomical status of the patients that make it feasible to choose the particular technique of the hair restoration. An experienced surgeon can take a right decision at the right time, according to the extent of hair loss and thus a patient can assure about the best results.
  3. The Accreditations & Recognition: The recognition comes after getting accredited from the reputed restoration portals and societies, i.e., the ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc. One can judge the surgeon’s expertise by checking his accreditations and recognition that he gained by the participation and contributions in the reputed hair restoration societies. Accreditations and recognition are counted as a positive factor for choosing the best hair transplant surgeon.
  4. The number of cases handled by the Surgeon: It is also a positive factor while choosing the hair transplant surgeon that explains about the surgeon’s expertise via the number of cases he/she performed in his career. An expert surgeon must have a long years’ of experience in the field of hair restoration that clears many things associated with the hair transplant procedure in the context of making the hairline design, slit formation, and the placement of the grafts as according to the natural and normal hair growth.
  5. The Aesthetic skills of the Surgeon: This is the prime concern in the hair transplant surgery that the performing surgeon must have in-depth aesthetic skills. The understanding of the angle and direction required to consider while making the slit formation, hairline design as well the implantation job has a significant role in offering the natural results of the surgery. It is needed to follow an irregular pattern with the slim grafts for the hairline design, whereas chubby grafts are required to cover the crown as well as the mid-crown areas of the scalp.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant requires extreme precision and expertise and thus it is important to choose the best surgeon who has an outstanding ability to decide the technique and procedure suitability according to the state of hair loss and available donor hair on the scalp.