How Aptihealth Partners With Health Plans to Benefit Larger Healthcare Ecosystem

Streamlined and convenient access to affordable behavioral health services has never been more critical. Following the COVID-19 lockdown and its tangible impact on the mental health of the global population, renewed interest in virtual therapy sessions with credentialed professionals began to soar. During this time, the prevalence of individuals with anxiety, depression, and other mental health-related behavioral issues started to rise.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever are willing to engage with and benefit from virtual therapeutic sessions. Aptihealth is a premium provider of accessible care services featuring best-in-class technology, all available and accessible from a screen. Featuring best-in-class technology, Aptihealth works within the greater healthcare ecosystem to connect clients with the services they need to live better lives.

Let’s look at how Aptihealth is tangibly impacting the behavioral health landscape of modern America through targeted virtual therapeutic support.

Landscape of a Nation: Behavioral Health Importance

It was early in January 2023 when Behavioral Health Business published some of its predictions and projections for leading industry trends in 2023. The publication heavily implied that several transitions in the coming year would bring about the potential for companies to retool their operations. As the COVID-19 pandemic impacted public health and its PHE is scheduled to end in 2023, the federal government will offer lasting regulations about telehealth and other medication-assisted treatments.

Behavioral Health Business expects continued mergers and acquisitions as companies seek to consolidate in 2023. These transactions will predominantly occur due to industry growth and a demand for better health outcomes. Throughout it all, millions of individuals in the United States will be affected by a behavioral health issue in 2020.

The most common behavioral health issues addressed by adults in the United States include

  • Anxiety Disorders – Anxiety disorders encompass behavioral health issues that impact over 42 million adults in the United States alone. Anxiety disorders can range from panic attacks to OCD and everything in between.
  • Depression – Long misunderstood, approximately 21 million adults in the United States are impacted by depression in one way or another. Depression is another mental health hurdle that affects a stunning number of teens and pre-teens.
  • PTSD – Posttraumatic Stress Disorder impacts nearly 12 million adults in the United States alone. PTSD can be caused by several factors and symptoms, making the importance of reliable healthcare systems even more profound.

AptiHealth has a clear vision of creating a better future for mental health services. Within its mission statement, Aptihealth hopes to provide its clients with access to evidence-based care in a virtual setting that utilizes HIPAA-compliant, best-in-class technology. Along the way, Aptihealth hopes to continue upending the high price associated with healthcare by offering affordable solutions.