A Simple Beginner Guide to Cooking with Cannabis

Cooking with cannabis for the first time is a daunting task. There’s a lot to keep track of if you are looking to get everything right on the first trial. You are never too sure whether cooking with cannabis is right in the first place. Afterward, you have to grapple with the ingredients and measurements.

This article simplifies the whole process to make you the pro from your first time in the kitchen.

  1. Choose the cannabis product.

The first step for cooking with cannabis is to understand what exactly you are looking to make. Establish what you are looking to feel after cooking to help you choose the right strain.

Knowing the various effects will help you settle on either CBD, THC, or THCA. Also, note the flavors, aroma, and cannabinoid percentages. This is also the point to choose whether you will use a cannabis flower, cannabis-infused oil, or honey for the cooking.

Once you understand the various weeds, possible effects, and concentration, proceed to order from weed dispensaries near you.

  1. Set the ingredients

Now that you have your cannabis product, the next step is to find the ingredients to use. Understand whether you want to mask the cannabis flavor or enhance its natural characteristics on your food.

At-home infusions are the best options when cooking with cannabis. Ensure the right flavor pairing for the best results.

  1. Avoid using raw weed.

Raw weed is a simple vegetable without any lasting effect.  Harness the power of the cannabinoids for the best impact when you cook with weed.

Dry and cure the weed before you can use it. Better still, buy your weed from weed dispensary Portland for the already dried and cured ones. Using the ready weed is time and money saving.

  1. Decarboxylate and Grind the weed

Decarboxylating the weed is essential to help you intensify and enhance its effects. Put it in an oven at high temperatures for around 30 – 60 minutes.

The next step is to ensure the weed is as tiny as possible for better infusion and dissolving. Grind the weed for a while before you can mix it with the other ingredients.

  1. Set up the infusions

Once the weed is decarboxylated and ground, it’s time to consider the infusion options. Create an infusion using a fat-based substance like butter or oil to extract THC and CBD.

To avoid this process, you can opt to buy a professionally made hemp product.

  1. Get cooking

This is the last and central part of cooking with weed. Incorporate the weed infusion with the other ingredients and accessories for your cooking. Stick to accurate measurements and dosages when preparing your meal.

Bottom Line

Cooking with cannabis is both a challenging and fun experience. As a beginner, you will find it involving. Use the right products, measurements, and dosage. All these are hard to get right on the first trial.

Follow the above steps to help you. Also, the more frequently you cook with cannabis, the better your skills become.